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My #1 Tip for Doing Well at University 


  • Sit down with all your syllabi and a calendar. Paper, digital, it doesn’t matter. 
  • Put all your deadlines into your calendar.
  • Look at it.
  • See how they tend to clump together? Just because they’re due at the same time doesn’t mean you have to do them at the same time.
  • Work out which assignments you can do ahead of time. If you’re in Arts & Humanities, that’s all of them.
  • Assign each assignment you have an entire week in your calendar. Do not overlap them.
  • Block out the weeks very visibly and label them with which assignment you’ll be working on. 
  • Advanced Nerd Power Up: give yourself at least a week of wiggle room in case you finish the assignment and decide you could do better and want to try again.
  • If you’re worried you’ll forget about your schedule, get a poster-size, reusable wall calendar and put your monthly schedule on it. Update it weekly so that the next month peeks in from the bottom. Put it somewhere you can’t miss it.
  • Know what you should be working on at all times.
  • Follow your schedule. Do your assignments on your deadlines, not theirs.
  • On the days these assignments are due, all you need to do it print/submit them. You will be the most chill person you know. No all-nighters, no panic.
  • Enjoy your place on the honour roll/dean’s list.
#And Now To Something Completely Different #This is so important. #Danish education doesn't always allow for you to get these deadlines #but you have to talk to your teachers and try to wrangle some dates out of them anyway #if you're an aspie like me #be open about needing plenty of advance notice on your assignments #Have someone help you set up a calendar #stick to it

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If Haru and Makoto doesn’t properly make out up in the last episode I’m going to be real mad.

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…now that you think about it…

Never can just scroll by this.

No fucking way.

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#Harry potter #JK basically said she didn't want to make Dean and Seamus canon because she didn't want them to take focus #but the movies thought #damn if we're not going to finish the job

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of everyone i ever knew, i learned to count on you x

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Imagine Dragons plays League of Legends (and are good at it)

Imagine Dragons playing with Krepo

Imagine Dragons making an über cool song for 2014 League of legends World Championship.

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Nothing is worth losing you

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Lulu I did it. I passed my exam. I'm a freaking teacher now!!! How did that happen? I'm just so happy and wanted to let you know :)

Congratulations Lani, you’re a real adult now!

I weren’t that worried about you, cause it really sounded like you’d make a great teacher. And honestly you’re so open-minded and understanding I’d love to have you teach my kids <3

Y’all go to Lani’s blog and congratulate her on being a cool adult who gets to fix all the things that went wrong in all of y’all’s classrooms.

#Sorry it took so long #i know you must have been so happy 12 hours ago #but I wasn't home #SORRY! #now I can walk around being happy for you all day this is so great news! #lani09 #took the liberty to publish so more people can see how amazing you are

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Imagine Dragons - Warriors - 2014 World Championship

The battle begins, and sixteen teams across the globe are fighting towards one goal – to win the League of Legends World Championship. To kick off the start of the action, we set out to craft a war cry to rally behind. Whether you’re a solo queue warrior or fighting off the LCS jitters – every moment counts.

"Warriors" — a creative collaboration by Imagine Dragons and Riot Games.

Download the song for free here!

Not only is it ridiculously bad ass that Imagine Dragons made a song for 2014 League of Legends World Championship, but the song is also bad ass so give it a listen.

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Shut up and win.

That is an order.

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You think that you’re the sun
The whole world revolves around you
The center of attention
And everything is drawn to you

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get to know me - [1/5] male characters

Tachibana Makoto
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Crowley being the last one alive at the end of season 10 and right before the end credits you just see him holding a contract and he looks at the camera and says “Looks like your 10 years are up, love. Be sure to leave your feelings behind for the next show.”
and then he disappears and as the screen fades to black all you hear is barking and howling getting louder until one final growl is heard and then silence.